Change in Memorandum of Association :

Memorandum of Association (MoA) of a company is a charter having the basic details of the company and consists of five clauses viz. the Name Clause, Situation Clause, Object Clause, Liability Clause and the Capital Clause containing respective details therein. After incorporation, it is very common that these details might get changed over the years due to various reasons. In such a case, the MoA of the company should be changed accordingly and intimation for the same needs to be given to the concerned Registrar of Companies within a specified period of time.

Change in name :

"What's in a Name?" - they Say

We say – "Everything"

If you have been thinking of changing the name of your company but withholding yourself thinking it must be a time consuming and tedious work, let us assure you to make it simple and a hassle- free process.

Change in registered office address:

Every company has to have a registered office which depicts as to where has the company been registered. The intimation of this registered office needs to be given to the concerned ROC (Registrar of Companies).

Registered office may be changed as and when required which shall be intimated to the ROC within 15 days of such change. This change can either be within the city, within the state or outside the State.

Change in Object :

Companies can change their object either by addition to or deletion from the existing object clause. They may also go for substituting the existing object clause altogether if their nature of business requires so.

Change in Capital :

A company having share capital states the amount of capital of the company in its Memorandum of Association under the capital clause.

With expansion and growth of the company, it may require more funds from time to time. These funds, if in the form of investment in the company, will result in allotment of further shares. Further allotment of shares can be done through various different methods such as Right Issue, Private Placement, Preferential Allotment, etc.

Change may also be in the form of increase, reduction, consolidation or subdivision of capital.

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